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Link rowid locationid Applicant FacilityType cnn LocationDescription Address blocklot block lot permit Status FoodItems X Y Latitude Longitude Schedule dayshours NOISent Approved Received PriorPermit ExpirationDate Location
310 946057 D & T Catering 58 Truck 1 12876000 UNION ST: DIVISADERO ST to BRODERICK ST (2600 - 2699) 2616 UNION ST 0946006 0946 240 006 17MFF-0140 APPROVED 5 Cold Truck: Pre-packaged sandwiches: Chicken Bake: Canned Soup: Chili Dog: Corn Dog: Cup of Noodles: Egg Muffins: Hamburgers: Cheeseburgers: Hot Dog: Hot sandwiches: quesadillas: Beverages: Flan: Fruits: Yogurt: Candy: Cookies: Chips: Donuts: Snacks 6000436.52993 2118303.16871 37.796479996816394 -122.442530024725 http://bsm.sfdpw.org/PermitsTracker/reports/report.aspx?title=schedule&report=rptSchedule&params=permit=17MFF-0140&ExportPDF=1&Filename=17MFF-0140_schedule.pdf Mo-Fr:8AM-9AM   03/09/2017 12:00:00 AM 2017-03-09 1 03/15/2018 12:00:00 AM (37.7964799968164, -122.442530024725)

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CREATE TABLE "Mobile_Food_Facility_Permit" (
"locationid" INTEGER,
  "Applicant" INTEGER,
  "FacilityType" INTEGER,
  "cnn" INTEGER,
  "LocationDescription" TEXT,
  "Address" TEXT,
  "blocklot" TEXT,
  "block" INTEGER,
  "lot" TEXT,
  "permit" TEXT,
  "Status" INTEGER,
  "FoodItems" TEXT,
  "X" REAL,
  "Y" REAL,
  "Latitude" REAL,
  "Longitude" REAL,
  "Schedule" TEXT,
  "dayshours" REAL,
  "NOISent" REAL,
  "Approved" REAL,
  "Received" TEXT,
  "PriorPermit" INTEGER,
  "ExpirationDate" REAL,
  "Location" TEXT
FOREIGN KEY ("Applicant") REFERENCES [Applicant](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("FacilityType") REFERENCES [FacilityType](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Status") REFERENCES [Status](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("block") REFERENCES [block](id))
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