Mobile_Food_Facility_Permit: 74

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rowid locationid Applicant FacilityType cnn LocationDescription Address blocklot block lot permit Status FoodItems X Y Latitude Longitude Schedule dayshours NOISent Approved Received PriorPermit ExpirationDate Location
74 559786 35 1 7033000 HOWARD ST: 01ST ST to MALDEN ALY (500 - 589) 501 HOWARD ST 3736001 10 001 14MFF-0109 2 COLD TRUCK. Deli: bbq chicken skewer: Chinese spring roll: Chinese fried rice/noodle: fried chicken leg/wing: bbq chicken sandwich: chicken cheese burger: burrito: lumpia. Snack: sunflower seeds: muffins: chips: snickers: kit-kat: 10 types of chocolate. Drinks: Coke: 7-Up: Dr. Pepper: Pepsi: Redbull: Vitamin Water: Rockstar: Coconut Juice: Water. Hot drinks: coffee: tea.     0.0 0.0 Mo-Fr:6AM-7AM     2014-07-10 1 03/15/2017 12:00:00 AM (0, 0)
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