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Business Corridor

Link rowid Location Id Ownership Name DBA Name Street Address City State Source Zipcode Business Start Date Business End Date Location Start Date Location End Date Mail Address Mail City Mail Zipcode Mail State NAICS Code NAICS Code Description Parking Tax Transient Occupancy Tax LIC Code LIC Code Description Supervisor District Neighborhoods - Analysis Boundaries Business Corridor Business Location
CREATE TABLE "Registered_Business_Locations_-_San_Francisco" (
"Location Id" TEXT,
  "Business Account Number" INTEGER,
  "Ownership Name" TEXT,
  "DBA Name" TEXT,
  "Street Address" TEXT,
  "City" INTEGER,
  "State" INTEGER,
  "Source Zipcode" INTEGER,
  "Business Start Date" TEXT,
  "Business End Date" REAL,
  "Location Start Date" TEXT,
  "Location End Date" REAL,
  "Mail Address" TEXT,
  "Mail City" INTEGER,
  "Mail Zipcode" INTEGER,
  "Mail State" TEXT,
  "NAICS Code Description" INTEGER,
  "Parking Tax" INTEGER,
  "Transient Occupancy Tax" INTEGER,
  "LIC Code" REAL,
  "LIC Code Description" REAL,
  "Supervisor District" INTEGER,
  "Neighborhoods - Analysis Boundaries" INTEGER,
  "Business Corridor" INTEGER,
  "Business Location" TEXT
FOREIGN KEY ("Neighborhoods - Analysis Boundaries") REFERENCES [Neighborhoods - Analysis Boundaries](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("NAICS Code Description") REFERENCES [NAICS Code Description](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("State") REFERENCES [State](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Mail Zipcode") REFERENCES [Mail Zipcode](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Source Zipcode") REFERENCES [Source Zipcode](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("City") REFERENCES [City](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Supervisor District") REFERENCES [Supervisor District](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Business Corridor") REFERENCES [Business Corridor](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Mail City") REFERENCES [Mail City](id))
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