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Link rowid Title Release Year Locations Fun Facts Production Company Distributor Director Writer Actor 1 Actor 2 Actor 3
1269 Superman 233 1978 7 Golden Gate Bridge With 23 miles of ladders and 300,000 rivets in each tower, the Golden Gate Bridge was the world's longest span when it opened in 1937. Dovemead Films 142 Warner Bros. Pictures 6 Richard Donner 192 Jerry Siegel 203 Christopher Reeve 389 Gene Hackman 178 Marlon Brando 524

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CREATE TABLE "Film_Locations_in_San_Francisco" (
"Title" INTEGER,
  "Release Year" INTEGER,
  "Locations" TEXT,
  "Fun Facts" REAL,
  "Production Company" INTEGER,
  "Distributor" INTEGER,
  "Director" INTEGER,
  "Writer" INTEGER,
  "Actor 1" INTEGER,
  "Actor 2" INTEGER,
  "Actor 3" INTEGER
FOREIGN KEY ("Title") REFERENCES [Title](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Director") REFERENCES [Director](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Actor 2") REFERENCES [Actors](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Actor 1") REFERENCES [Actors](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Writer") REFERENCES [Writer](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Release Year") REFERENCES [Release Year](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Actor 3") REFERENCES [Actors](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Production Company") REFERENCES [Production Company](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Distributor") REFERENCES [Distributor](id))
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