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Link rowid Title Release Year Locations Fun Facts Production Company Distributor Director Writer Actor 1 Actor 2 Actor 3
374 City of Angels 64 1998 18 San Francisco Public Library Main Branch (100 Larkin Street)   Atlas Entertainment 48 Warner Bros. Pictures 6 Brad Silberling 58 Dana Stevens 58 Nicolas Cage 216 Meg Ryan 46  
1084 Rollerball 203 2002 3     Atlas Entertainment 48 MGM Home Entertainment 79 John McTiernan 168 William Harrison 176 Chris Klein 370 Jean Reno 156  

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CREATE TABLE "Film_Locations_in_San_Francisco" (
"Title" INTEGER,
  "Release Year" INTEGER,
  "Locations" TEXT,
  "Fun Facts" REAL,
  "Production Company" INTEGER,
  "Distributor" INTEGER,
  "Director" INTEGER,
  "Writer" INTEGER,
  "Actor 1" INTEGER,
  "Actor 2" INTEGER,
  "Actor 3" INTEGER
FOREIGN KEY ("Title") REFERENCES [Title](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Director") REFERENCES [Director](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Actor 2") REFERENCES [Actors](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Actor 1") REFERENCES [Actors](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Writer") REFERENCES [Writer](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Release Year") REFERENCES [Release Year](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Actor 3") REFERENCES [Actors](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Production Company") REFERENCES [Production Company](id),
    FOREIGN KEY ("Distributor") REFERENCES [Distributor](id))
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